Inking- and dampening rollers for offset printing, ink- and clichÈ rollers/sleeves for flexo printing, impression rollers for rotogravure with and without ESA, laminator rollers for film- and packaging laminates, applicator rollers for glue, lacquers and paints with and without solvents, applicator rollers for metal strip coating,drawing- and braking rollers for metal sheet production and processing, plastic coated distributor rollers for offset printing, antiadhesive coatings for metal- and elastomeric surfaces, impression rollers for hot-foil printing, plastics calendering and embossing. 

Consultant work concerning polymer technology

Materials for roller covering:

Polyurethane 20-95 Shore A
NBR/Nitrile 20∞ - 90∞ shore A
EPDM 30∞ - 90∞ shore A
Silicone 30∞ - 80∞ shore A
Hypalon 30∞ - 90∞ shore A
XNBR 45∞ - 95∞ shore A
NBR/PVC 20∞ - 90∞ shore A
Natural rubber 25∞ -100∞ shore A
Neoprene 25∞ - 90∞ shore A
SBR 40∞ - 90∞ shore A
Viton 60∞ - 90∞ shore A